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Frequently Asked Questions for your Wedding Regime

Hey everyone! So I decided to write this article as I have a lot of brides to be who frequently ask me these questions about their skincare, bridal prep including trials, wedding day timetables and more! So keep reading to find out all the answers to your questions...

If your like me and want a more visual approach to these questions check out my Youtube video on this subject where I answer all you FAQ;

How much time should you leave for hair and make up on your wedding day?

This comes down to the individual stylist so please do check with your artist but rule of thumb is around 2 hours for the brides hair and makeup and usually bridesmaids 45 mins for hair and 45 mins for makeup

Is there a good pre wedding routine you recommend?
Yes! my FREEBIE GUIDE covers this. On your wedding morning I would suggest only applying your moisturiser- If you makeup artist recommends you don’t do this as they want to use theirs then that’s also ok.

What shouldn't we do in the run-up?

My only thing I say is don't have facials for at least two weeks before your wedding day unless you are very used to them and get them regularly (if your planning on going to a spa then have a massage instead)

How can we tell if a hair/make up artist is any good with all the editing apps now?

Ok, this is a tricky one- Unfortunately, you can’t tell if someone has blurred a picture or edited it. However, you can speak to your stylist on the phone beforehand – get a feel if you have a connection- Also this is why a trial is so important as you get to try out their skills first hand before your wedding day

Breakouts on skin and not sure whether this is down to stress or products. Is there anything I should do to prevent this happening in the lead up to the wedding when I'm likely to get a bit stressed?

So again a difficult question as unfortunately stress kind of becomes part of the job in organising a wedding – however, you can do things to help your body unwind and feel less pressure. Make sure you take some time out for yourself whether this means a regular facial, a bubble bath with essential oils, do some yoga and meditate, drink less caffeine (you can replace this with lots of other energising products), drink more water


Also if you want to go down a different avenue you could look into microdermabrasion where this removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin making room for new skin cells and less clogged pores = less blemishes (remember everyone’s skin is different and will react differently to products, stress and environments)

I don't wear much makeup and nervous about having more on for my wedding day. I've booked a makeup artist for the day but would wearing makeup more often now, and learning to apply it properly, be a good idea to get my skin used to it?

Ok so when you have your trial- speak to your makeup artist and explain what you normally wear this will give the stylist a really good understanding of what you like and MORE importantly don’t like. After your trial you can see what products they apply and if you so choose to you can always purchase these products to keep wearing before the wedding day. This is not a necessity but if you want to get use to wearing a product then you could try it.

If I go for any facial waxing before the wedding when would you suggest is the best time, I was thinking 2 days before or is that too close?

2-3 days minimum and this is only if you are use to having a wax, if not I recommend a week or two before. If you haven’t had a wax before I highly recommend having a trial first. I have had incidents before where a bride has gone to someone who hasn’t done their eyebrow wax before and has burnt them on the eyelid (not fun!)

I want to get my hair dyed as close to the day as possible but when would be the latest I should do this?

Depending on your hair and how quickly the roots come through (your hair colourist will advise you on this) but rule of thumb 1-2 weeks before the wedding so you have a couple of washes in-between to soften the tones.

Don't forget to grab my FREEBIE GUIDE below to get your started on your skincare regime!

I hope you all have a fabulous day and enjoy the skincare guide,

Melissa x

Also if you haven't already, check out the Wedding Industry Expert who will tell you all the details you need to know and think about for your wedding day; Bluebird Bride Academy

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