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Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a site visitor's browser. They are typically used to keep track of the settings users have selected and actions they have taken on a site.

Wix uses cookies for many important reasons, such as:

  • To provide a great experience for your visitors and customers.

  • To identify your registered members (users who registered to your site)

  • To monitor and analyze the performance, operation and effectiveness of Wix's platform.

  • To ensure our platform is secure and safe to use. 

You can find more out about cookies here  All About Cookies. Please note that deleting or disabling cookies and other tracking technologies may prevent you from accessing some parts of your site. 


The cookies used on our website are as follows

Strictly Necessary

Cookie Name                            Duration                                  Purpose

ForceFlashSite                           Session                                    When viewing a mobile site

                                                                                            (old mobile under

                                                                                            it will force the server to display the

                                                                                            non-mobile version and avoid redirecting

                                                                                             to the mobile site

JSESSIONID                            Session                                      Session Management

hs                                          Session                                      Security

smSession                                Persistent (Two days or

                                                   two weeks)                           Identifies logged in site members

XSRF-TOKEN                            Session                                      Security


svSession                                Persistent (Two years)                     Identifies unique visitors and tracks

                                                                                             a visitor’s sessions on a site

SSR-caching                             Session                                      Indicates how a site was rendered. 

_ga                                        Persistent 2 years                         Analytics

_gat                                       One minute                                 Analytics

_gid                                       24 Hours                                    Analytics

Third Parties                                                                              


TS*                                        Session                                      Security

TS01*******                        Session                                      Security


 (where x is replaced with

a random series of numbers

 and letters)                             Session                                      Security

TSxxxxxxxx_d (where x

 is replaced with a random

series of numbers and letters)      Session                                      Security

AWSELB                                 Session                                      Instagram Feed

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