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Brides to be- All about skincare

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

First of all congrats on your forthcoming wedding!

I have gained so many tips and tricks on the way and have so much knowledge that I would love to share with you…

  • Drink plenty of water (this is amazing for your skin)- I would recommend at least 2 litres per day if you can- this is the recommended guideline- if you find this hard then try and cut it down into 4 small chunks (a small water bottle/glass at 8am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm) - set a timer on your phone... this is the best and cheapest way to start your skin off to looking and feeling great!

  • Take your wedding season into consideration If you are having a summer wedding you might decide to look at doing a more natural skin with a sunkissed glow to it or if you are going for a winter vibe you might look at a tad more foundation with a matte look- when doing your 'Pinteresting' I would look at the seasons and colours.

  • Start to get a skincare regime atleast 6 months before your wedding day- See my freebie below for more advice on skincare regimes. I recommend not starting new products to close to your wedding day incase you have a reaction or they bring you out in blemishes... this also covers facials!

  • Have a trial! This I highly recommend- This way you get to know your artist and see if you bond and are happy spending your special day with them- this is actually really important and you want someone who can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Also this way you get to trial out the style(s) you are looking at and see if you actually like them. I've got a whole blog on weddings trial- see here

  • Use waterproof Mascara (if you have a makeup artist- this should be a must)- Even if your not a crier- this is still a great idea a) you never know you might surprise yourself and ball your eyes out or b) if might be boiling hot and you don't want your mascara running down your flawless skin makeup

  • Top up Products- Don’t forget on your wedding day to have a powder (incase you get shiny) or a lippy to top up (lippy is always the first thing to wear off)- Get you mum or bridesmaids to hold these for you.

If you want to know more about skincare and how you can help your skin look its best click the link below;

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