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How to Create the Perfect Bridal Updo!

Here I am showing you a step by step tutorial for a gorgeous low soft bun. These are perfect for bridal looks or special occasions. Let me know what you think and if you would like to see more…

I love creating hairstyles! I believe practice, practice, practice is the best way to advance your skills.. get your friends round, practice on your sister or your mum or anyone with a decent length hair!

Products/Supplies Used:

· Tail Comb

· Elastic Bands

· Curby Grips

· Smoothing Cream

· Hairpsray

· Straightners or Curling Tong

Step 1

I have curled the hair by ghds and pulled it out with my fingers to create a movement to the hair but not a precise curl. I have secure the top part of the crown to create an anchor.

Step 2

Taking the right side (leaving some soft bits around the face) and twisting the hair back and securing. Left side create a fishtail braid and secure with elastic band.

Step 3

Take the bottom section and part into 2 pieces- part into 2 pieces again and twist and secure.

Step 4

Take one of the sections and twist up and secure with curby grips.

Step 5

Take the other section and twist up and secure with curby grips.

Step 6

Take the fishtail braid and secure into the hair piece. Pull any bits out to soften the look and pull a few areas on the crown to loosen the entire look.

Hope you found this useful!

Check out MORE of my work on @melissaoldridge on Instagram and @melissaoldridgehairandmakeupartist on Facebook

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