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Pinterest and what to look for!

Starting to source photos for your upcoming wedding hair and makeup trial?

Are you a lover or hater of Pinterest? I personally love Pinterest - I use it for all sorts of things; house decor, inspo for the garden and even cooking recipes! The wedding industry booms on Pinterest as there are so many good ideas and tips for decor, styling and much more.

When I do wedding trials, I normally ask my clients to come prepared with photos or inspo, the majority of the time coming from Pinterest, with their boards all made up (if your not familiar with Pinterest, a board is a collection where users save pictures of a particular theme i.e. 'wedding hair inspo') This gives me a really good understanding of what they are looking for or what they like.

Please see attached below different varieties of my hair and makeup portfolio that you might find on Pinterest;

Type in loads of different key words into Pinterest to find the styles that you are looking for -

Do you love flowers in your hair?

Half up Half down?

Hair up?


Wedding Hair Vines?

Type in your wedding dress name and see what other people have done with their hair.

There are so many different ways you can use Pinterest to give yourself a better understanding of what you like or what you hadn't thought of.

Check out more images of my work on my gallery here and also on my Pinterest here (give me a follow if you want to keep up to date with current styles.

If you would like to here more on our bridal work or would like to contact us on your upcoming wedding please click here, we are looking forward to hearing from you


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