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Find out below what to use and what not to use before your big day!

Skincare you can use before your wedding day
Skincare products

Step 1- Determine your skintype

First of all understand your skin needs; Do you feel dehydrated, dry, oily, combination or are you unsure?

The best advice I can give is to go to someone who specialises in skincare- Space NK, Neals yard or anywhere like this can give you great advice on your skin and what you should be using.

Step 2- Don't buy loads of new stuff

If your skin is not doing great with what your using now, find the key problem (i.e. dehydration- lets go get you a richer moisturiser or a serum to hydrate) I always want to try them first either with a sample or at a counter so I know how it feels, smells and what it actually does for my skin. Don't go buy 10 new products and put them all on as you won't know what is working for your skin or not.

Step 3- When to apply

I would suggest if you are trying new products on your skin then please DON'T start trying them within the month of your wedding, do it at least 3-6 months before your wedding. New products can react on the skin or take a little time to actually work.

When to apply and which skincare products to use
Applying Products

Step 4- Ingredients

Do some research into your products. This can be helpful if you have allergies or if you are a vegan or into animal cruelty-free, recycling. There are also ingredients that are popular on the market right now including hydrochloric acid.

Step 5- Facials

If you are wanting to have a facial, chemical peel etc. please again do NOT do this within 3 weeks of your wedding day. Facials are designed to cleanse the skin and get rid of any unwanted dirt and dead skin. This means that there is more chance of impurities and blemishes coming out onto the skin afterwards and you don't want this just before or on your big day. So I suggest if you aren't use to having them then atleast 3 weeks prior to your special day.

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